Apps That Pay You Real Money

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13 June 2022
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Apps That Pay You Real Money

Apps That Pay You Real Money

Do apps give us money in real, today we will talk about it or not I will tell you whether apps really pay

Now you will think that this is also something to tell, let me tell you that even today there are many such people in the world who do not know that there are some such apps.

Those who really give us money, that too absolutely free because people do not know which app to use in which we get money.

In today’s time, we get to see many such apps where it is written that you can earn money for free, but when we use that app, then only and only our time is wasted.

Because we see money that we are winning money, but if we use the winning money for withdrawal, then we do not withdraw, there it remains only pending.

So stay away from such fraud apps, I will tell you about some real apps which will give you 100% withdrawal but I will also tell you that if you guys play any game then play that game on your ricks.

Because when you want to earn money by using any app, initially you are given a chance to win money in every app, due to which you gradually get addicted to the game.

And later you start losing the money you won and then you deposit and start playing the game and start losing then let me tell you the name of some app.

1. Winzo Gold

Winjo Gold You must have heard your name, Winjo Gold is the most famous app in today’s time, in which you are given money for playing the game.

Here you get to see all types of games, if you want, you can earn money by using this app, here you do not have to deposit any kind of money.

When you create an account in this, you are given some money in return, so that you can win money by playing games and you can also withdraw that money in your account, here it gives you 100% withdrawal, this is the world’s number 1 app.



Talking about other apps, Ludo is the supreme app, although you must have heard the name of this app, friends, as you know, it is a ludo game.

Ludo king game is mostly played in today’s time but you do not get money in it, if you are expert in playing ludo game then it is better to play ludo supreme game.

So this is the biggest golden opportunity for you when you download ludo supreme app and sign up you get ₹10 signup bonus

If you deposit in this then you get 70% extra bonus i.e. if you deposit ₹100 then you get ₹ 170

You will not find a better app than this, you only have 1 to 2 minutes of play, if you come first you win

And you can transfer your winning money directly to your bank account or make 100% withdrawal.

3. Ludo Ninja

Thirdly, talking about you, here is Ludo Ninja app, in this also you get Saina Bonus ₹ 10 and if you deposit in it

So you get Hundred percent bonus but it is a little different from Ludo Supreme app when you use Ludo Ninja app then you will know about it

In this also you have to play Ludo only game which we used to play in childhood or our time pass used to be very good but today we are getting money from it.

So what’s bad in this play ludo, have fun and also win money you can use this app.

4. Pocket Money: Earn Wallet Cash

Pocket Money Earn Wallet Cash

Here is also a tremendous application that gives you money for free, when you create your account in it, you are given some money in it.

So friends, I cannot give you information about every single app, I have given the names of some apps, you can download it and use it.

And you can know about it, all of them give 100% payment which you can take in your bank account.

5. Rush – Play Games & Win Cash

Rush - Play Games & Win Cash

Inside this app you get three types of games first game is call break second game carrom pool and third game is ludo

If you are expert in playing call break game then you can play it second game is carrom pool i.e. carrom board game which we used to play with our friends in childhood

The third game is ludo, so as I have told you about 5 apps, it has the most ludo game i.e. the easiest game that we can play easily, just use your brain and you can earn more and more money.

Apps That Pay You Real Money