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How To Use Canvas Apps

How To Design With Canva App

In today’s post, we will talk about how the Canva app can be used. What is Canva App Canva is an application inside which you can design and can create thumbnails as you must have heard about youtube thumbnails Today we will talk about how we can make and design.

To use Canva app, first of all we have to have an Android device, after that we can use Canva app. And one more thing is to download Canva on your Android device so first of all we will know how to download and install Canva app on your device.

How To Download Canvas Apps

First of all you have to go to play store app of your mobile phone and after that you have to type canva app in truth bar and do true

You will see the Canva app in front of you and the option of install will appear at the bottom, after clicking on install, your camera app will be installed, after that you can use the Canva app.

How To Design With Canva Apps

How To Design With Canva Apps

When you open the Canva app, an enterprise will open in front of you in which you will see many poster images.

Where you get to see Instagram Post Your Story YouTube Thumbnail Phone Wallpaper Poster Photo College and many more features, first of all let’s talk about how we will be designing by ourselves.

And will create a thumbnail, first you will see a plus button, click on it, after clicking, you will have the option to customize the size.

Now if you want to make thumbnails of all those sizes, you have to set that size, after that you will see 6 more options below, the first option is of templates, where is the second option elements

The third option is of gallery, the fourth option is of upload, the fifth option is of tax, the sixth option is of background, now we will talk about each option.

The first option: is of templates, inside which you get to see ready-made templates, which are absolutely free and without copyright, which you can use for your website as well.

On which you will not get any copyright, you get all kinds of templates, you just have to do a little board designing in it yourself and a poster will be ready.

The second option: is of elements, where you get to see many elements, you will get some elements for free and some you will have to purchase.

But only free elements are there for us, when we do some designing, then there is a lot of use of elements for that, so here you will get to see all types of elements.

If you do not know about Elements, then you can go to YouTube and watch its video and you will know what is Elements.

The third option: is of gallery, from where you want to design any photo, you can select it and upload it.

The fourth option: is of upload, when you click on upload, you will see the option of upload media on the top.

When you click on it, all your images will come in front of you, meanwhile you will select the images and after that you can upload it.

The fifth option: is of text, as you know when we prepare any poster, we write a little bit about it.

So you go to the text and you get to see many stylish fonts from where you can use the stylish fonts as per your wish and create a great poster.

The sixth option: is background, that is, you want to use any background color for your poster, for this you have to click on the background and the background will appear in front of you.

Where you get to see all kinds of colors, you have to use John’s color too, you can use it and apply it on the background.

How To Use Canvas Apps