Free Paypal Money

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13 June 2022

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Free Paypal Money

Hello friends, in today’s post I will tell you how you can earn free paypal money. To earn money from paypal, first of all you must have a smartphone or it is necessary to have a laptop.

I will tell you about some such applications from where you can earn a lot of money for free without investing a single rupee, the apps that I am going to tell you may be

Many people know about this and some people do not even know, so let’s start today’s topic, first of all let’s know the name of the apps.

1. Win Rewards – Earn Gifts Cards & PayPal Cash

Win Rewards - Earn Gifts Cards & PayPal Cash

When you open this app, you will get the option to create account in which you will have to fill your name, email id, password and refer code.

If you use someone’s refer code, then you will get $10 in return when you complete the sign-up, after that you will have to use VPN

For this, you will have to connect to US, UK and Canada country, only then you can use this app, inside this app you get two options to earn money.

First option is of game and second option is of watch video if you are expert in playing game then you can earn paypal money by playing game

The second option is to watch video, when you click on watch video, a video of 15 seconds will play in front of you and in return you will be given dollars.

The more videos you watch a day, the more dollars you can earn, and to earn even more dollars, you can earn money by referring your friends

For this you have to share your link to your friend by clicking on refer button and ask them to download by your gender

And you have to ask to use your refer code when he uses your refer code then you get dollar in return and your friend also get dollar.

Payment Withdrawal

Free Paypal Money

To take payment withdrawal, you will see the option of payment below, when you click on it, you will see the option of Amazon gift card and Paypal option.

When you reach $50 you can get an Amazon gift card instead or you can withdraw from Paypal account

For this, it is very important for you to have a PayPal account, if you do not have a PayPal account, then you can withdraw payment from Amazon by converting your payment to Amazon gift card.

2. FunTap – Make Money Play Games

FunTap - Make Money Play Games

You get to see many games inside FunTap Apps, first you have to go to the Play Store to download this app.

And have to download this app, when you open FunTap Apps, you will get 5000 coins which cost $5

After that many games will appear in front of you, when you click on any game, it will take you directly to the play store and you have to download that game from there.

And you have to play it again, when you play that game and win, you will be given a coin instead of a thousand coins, the value of $1 is the more coins you win, the more dollars will become yours.

How To Withdraw Money

To withdraw the won dollar, you will see the option of withdrawal at the top when you click on it

So you will get three options first option is paper, second option is amazon gift card, third option is google play

You can take Vidrol on any of these three
To withdraw, you must have a minimum of $20 and you can take a maximum withdrawal of $100

3. Poll Pay: Surveys For Money

Poll Pay Surveys For Money

To earn money from Poll Pay, you will have to vote, some questions will be asked in front of you, instead of which you have to click on the correct answer.

When you vote on the correct answer, you will be given $2 instead, similarly the more you answer on the correct answer, the more dollars you can earn

For more information, you will have to use this app, after that you will get many more information about it, this is the same process of taking money withdrawal which I have told you above.