How To Earn Money From Mx Player


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Mx Player Apps Information

How To Earn Money From Mx Player

Hello friends, in today’s post I will tell you about MX Player app, by the way, you all must know about MX Player.

MX Player is an application inside which you get to see many features, earlier MX Player was used only for watching videos.

But as the times changed, the MX Player apps were also modified and many new features were added to it. Today’s Time MX Player has become everyone’s favorite app.

Many such features have been given inside MX Player, many people still do not know about it, I will tell you about those new features which have just come.

Mx Player Features

When you open MX Player, you will see 5 options at the bottom

In which the first option local second option video, third option game, fourth option Takatak and fifth option music will appear.

We talk about the first option, the first option is local, in which you will have all the videos you have downloaded in your mobile phone.

All of that will be visible to you in the local from where you can watch all those videos and you can also change the language of your video.

You can zoom in, zoom out the video and there are many more features like you can increase the speed of your video and you can reduce the speed, all these features you get to see inside the local.

Now let’s talk about the second option, which is the video option, when you go to the video option, you get to see all kinds of movies in front of you.

Whether Hollywood or Bollywood, you get to see these movies in both Hindi and English languages, you can watch it absolutely free.

You may have to pay money to watch some movies, for this you will have to purchase the premium of MX Player, only after that you will be able to watch the movie.

That you do not get movies for free in this, you get to watch many movies for free, as well as in this you get to see all the channels with news and drama, in which you can entertain yourself by playing online.

Talking about the third option, it is the option of the game, when you click on the option of the game.

You will see many games in front of you, on the top you will see your balance and token, in this you get to see many games.

Which you can play absolutely free, you get money for the game you play if you are an expert in playing the game

So this is a golden opportunity for you that you can also earn a lot of money for free, that too can earn a lot of money in few hours without investing a single rupee.

Talking about the fourth option, here you get to see Takatak, Takatak means Max Takatak where you can create and upload your videos.

You must have heard the name of Tik Tok, it is also completely Tik Tok where you get to watch 15 seconds 30 seconds videos, here you can upload your videos by creating your account.

Talking about the fifth option, it is of music, here you get to see all kinds of music, as many new songs are released, here you get to listen to all those songs for free.

You or Punjabi, Hindi, English and many other languages ​​​​in which you get to listen to watch all the songs for free.

Where you can easily listen to all the songs for free, in which top popular songs, top 20 songs, latest songs and many more songs are found.

How To Download Mx Player Apps

Now we will talk about how you can download the MX Player app, although many people know about it.

But there are many unknown people in the world who do not know about it, you have to go to the Play Store app to download the MX Player app.

And you have to type MX Player in the search bar, you will see MX Player application on which you will see the option of install

By clicking on the install button, your mx player app will be both downloaded and installed, after that you can use mx player app easily.

How To Earn Money From Mx Player

How To Earn Money From Mx Player

To earn money from MX Player, you have to open the Max Player app and you will see a game option at the bottom

If you click on it, you get to see a lot of games in front of you, you can play any of these games for free and earn money.

To play the game you have to click on the game and after that your game will be downloaded and you will play the game and after that you have to make the highest score

If you come on the first number then you get the first prize or it depends on how much the first prize is given in the game and how much the second price is given

If you are an expert in playing games, then you can earn a lot of money in a day, that too for absolutely free but remember you can also get addicted to this game.

I will tell you this, you play the game only for fun because after getting addicted you will start playing the game by investing money in other apps and maybe later you start losing your money then play the game on your ricks.

How To Withdraw Money From Mx Player

How To Withdraw Money From Mx Player

When you will click on your winning balance, then Paytm option will appear in front of you, you have to give your Paytm mobile number there.

And after that you will get an OTP and have to enter it, remember that you are also giving mobile number like John, your Paytm account should be created in it.

And KYC should be complete, only then you will be able to withdraw your money, whatever your balance is, you will see at the bottom how much money you can withdraw in a day

You will be able to withdraw your money in the same way, suppose you see ₹ 20 below, then you will be able to withdraw only ₹ 20 for the day.

How To Make More Money From Mx Player

To earn more money from mx player you have to refer your friends to mx player instead you get money

When you click on the game option above and you get to see two options, one is scratch card and the other is Jackpot option.

When you click on the scratch card, all the scratch cards you get, you also get money by scratching all the cards.

And if you click on Jackpot, you will see the OK button in front of you, when you click on it, a circle will rotate, whatever price the circle stops at, you get that price, thus you can earn more money.

Mx Player Key Features

Another feature is seen in MX Player, that feature is that you can share your data and also take other’s data on your mobile.

For this we do not need a third party application like if we want to take a movie or song from someone, then for this we have to use an application like Share it.

But you can take the movie song from your friend from your mx player itself through mx player, for that you will see above and three dot

On which you will click, you will see the option of MS Share from where you can share and take any data.

How To Earn Money From Mx Player