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Match Masters Apk Free For Android Latest Version

Today we will talk about match master application, what is match master application and why people are liking it very much match master is a mobile game

In which you get to see different types of candies like you used to play candy crush soda game earlier, here the game is also played in the same way.

But in this you will get to see many different features, we will talk about it further, first of all we know how we will install the match master application in our mobile phone.

How To Install Match Masters Application

To install the match master application, first you have to go to the play store app of your mobile phone.

There you have to search by typing match master in the search bar, then the match master application will come in front of you.

Which you have to install from there, after that you have to open the match master application.

After opening you will see the option of email id and facebook id for sign up

You sign up using one of these, then two cartoons will appear in front of you, one will be female and the other will be male if you are female.

So select the female one and if there is a mail then select the male one then your account will be complete.

How To Play Game in Match Master Application

Playing games in Match Master is different because in this you will play the game with another person online

You will see different colored candies in it, there are four rounds, ie two will be given to you and the person playing with you will get one color.

Suppose if you get red color then you have to blast red color candy as much as possible so that your red color line will be full as soon as possible.

And your score will also be high and then you will win the match, this game is played by people below 18 years of age and also people above 18 years of age.

This is the best game for entertainment if you have free time then you must play this game here game is very fun game

More than 10 million people are using this game so far, you can also invite your friends by referring them and ask them to play the game with you

And there is an advantage in this, if you play this game, then you become new friends with whom you will play games every day and enjoy the game.

When you open the match master application, you will see an album option at the bottom when you click on the album

So there you will be seeing the option to complete the level, that is, if you complete the level shown there, then your album option will open.

Inside this album you get to see many stories, this story is very exciting if you are interested in reading the story.

So here is the best game for you, in which you get to read the story along with the game, in which you also get the option of tournament.

To play the tournament also, you have to complete the level given there, only then you can participate in the tournament match.

Match Master App Features

When you will open the match master application, you will see the option of 3dot above and as soon as you click on three dot you will see 11 option there

The first option is of profile, there your profile will show how many matches you have played and how many levels you have completed.

Second option you get lucky spin when you click on lucky spin then you can win coin or booster

The third option is that of a friend, if you refer your friends, then you will get 300 coins instead.

The fourth option is of Invite Friend, in this you can get 10 friends to join, you get a gold booster if you join the first friend.

You get 300 and a half coins for joining another friend

By joining the third friend you will get three spins, if you join the fourth friend, you will get three gold boosters, similarly you have to join 10 friends.

In which you will get different items, the fifth option is news, that is, if you want any information about this game, then you can go to the news and see it.

And if any new update is going to come in it then you will also get its information on the news.

The sixth option is that of the leader board, inside it you will get to see the list of the top players, that is, the highest number of people who have made it inside this game.

You will get to see the names of all of them, if you want to get more information about this game, then you will use this game.

So you will be able to know much more, in the last option you get the setting. Where you can on-off its music and you can also change your language.

Match Masters Apk Free For Android Latest Version

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