New Paytm Earning Application

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13 June 2022

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New Paytm Earning Application

Hello friends are you looking for such new Paytm earning application which will give you a chance to earn a lot of money for free.

Today I will tell you about an application that gives you a lot of paytm cash instead of completing some work.

Here you have to work for a few hours, in return for which you can earn a lot for free, if you have the talent to earn money, then how can you earn a lot of paytm through this application.

Who does not like to earn money for free, if an application is giving you money for free, then you will have to do some work in it.

Because no one gives free money in today’s era, we have to do some hard work in return for that, but we are talking about earning money here for free.

Because we do not have to invest even a single rupee here, the application about which I am telling you its name is Real Money App, you will find this app in play store.

Let me tell you a little information about this application, this application was launched on 22 January 2022, more than 5 lakh people are using this application, who have given this application a rating of 4.5

How To Create Account In Real Money App

First of all you have to install this application on your mobile phone from play store.

After that when you open this application then you have to sign up with your gmail account

After the sign up is complete, you will see four options at the bottom, I will tell about each option, whose work is there.

How To Earn Money With Real Money App

When you will open the real money application, you will see four options at the bottom, the first option you will see of the task

As soon as you click on the task, many tasks will be shown in front of you to complete, where is some of the task games.

That is, we will be given some games in this which we have to play, when you click on the game, then you will have to complete 10 levels, as soon as your 10 levels are completed.

You will have to wait for 3 days, after that you will get your winning coins because here you are given a coin instead of completing the task.

You can convert these into your rupees, I will tell you further about how you can convert your coins into rupees.

Inside this task, you will be given to complete many more tasks, whichever task you complete, you will have given some information on it, which you must read.

And you see the option of daily reward above and when you click on daily reward then

An Ada will appear in front of you, you have to cut that Ada and instead you will be given a coin.

You will see the second option of these progress, that is, the information of all the tasks you complete in this will be found inside it.

As you have played a game and completed it and you will be given the coin you will see here

After how many days you will get that coin, similar information will be given inside it.

You will see the third option of Wallet, here you get 12 options to withdraw your winning money.

Because this app is used by people from different countries, there is no option of bank account or paytm option to withdraw their money on any country.

That’s why 12 options were given in this, through which you can take your winning money on your account.

The fourth option will appear personal, inside it you will see your balance and all the money you have earned.

His information and some other information is given inside it, which you can go and read.

How To Withdraw Money From Real Money Application

To withdraw your money, you will see the option of Wallet, when you click on Wallet, you will see 12 options here.

You can use any of these, I am telling you about Paytm here, in the same way you can also use other methods.

In this you also get the option of PayPal and Bitcoin, you can also withdraw your money through this.

As soon as you click on the Paytm option, you will be asked your Paytm number and will be asked to select your currency.

If you have 50 thousand coins then instead you will be given $5 when you click on it

Then you will see the submit button, on clicking submit, your payment will be sent to your paytm number.


Today in my post I have told you about real money application that how you can earn paytm cash by it

I hope you liked this post of mine, if you want to know about more such applications

So you will be seeing the home button icon at the top, as soon as you click on the home button, you will get many other earning related information on our website.