Upcoming Ps4 Games 2022

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13 June 2022

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Upcoming Ps4 Games 2022

Hello friends, in today’s post I will tell you about the new video game
coming in 2022, inside this post I will tell you about four games.

Which is going to be launched in February 2022 and what new features do you get to see inside it, in which device will it work and this game will run on the computer or not.

I will tell you all the information about this, as you know that when the
new year comes, some best game is released in the new year.

We have to purchase this game and from where we will buy it, I will also
tell you what will be the price of this game and from where we have to
download this game in our computer, so let’s know

What are these four games the name of the first game is CrossfireX, the name of the second game is The King of Fighters XV, the name of the third game is Total War: Warhammer III and the name of the fourth game is Horizon Forbidden West.

CrossfireX Game Information

CrossfireX Game Information

Here is a battle game in which you have to create your own team and inside it you have to flash your skills in a competitive team based suit of
reputation of your target

It’s made specially for you for Xbox One, X where you’ll gather your friends customized for your Road Out

In your intense multiplayer mode your intensity increases because you meet all kinds of players.

CrossfireX Gameplay Modes

CrossfireX Game Information

Take part directly in the game and beat your enemy as much as you can

You have to focus on your goal in your match because in this game only 2 teams play face to face

You have to earn as many points as possible for your team by winning prizes jump back into the arena with less time

In this game you’ll have to blast or defuse your bombs in tactical mode to test your team’s prowess

Remember teamwork is very important, a plan has to be prepared, to claim victory here is a life cycle in which you have to fight till your last

Inside this game offers you the like of old school Hip Fire Online Sea game play while Modern Mode ADS with Printing offers the ultimate mechanics

Control and capture your enemy and annihilate your enemies by earning as many points as possible for your team

When the game mode acts as a team spectres, opposing mercenary teams try to stop them whenever someone sneaks in and uses the power to plant a bomb.



Here is a fighting game as you used to play Tekken game, this game is also the same but in this you will have a much better playing experience than that

In this you get different types of power power which you can use to kill
your enemy

It comes with full HD graphics, this game is a great fighting game, you can play this game on your computer only.

This game is a video game, you cannot play this game on your mobile phone right now because right now the game is made only for computer.

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements a 64-bit And Operating System:

OS: Windows 7
For Windows 7 your system must have Process: Intel Core i5 and Memory: 8 GB RAM as well as 65 GB of available storage space

It is very important to have Graphics: Nvida GeForce GTX 770 2GB / AMD redeon R9 280 3GB, only then you will be able to play this game easily on your computer.

Without any hindrance, if your computer system has more RAM memory and storage, then you will be able to play this game easily in that too.


Total War: Warhammer III Information

The best thing is that here the game will be launched on 17th February 2022, it has been announced that the biggest thing is that on the very first day
you will download this game and for this or the game will be given to you for free.

To register in this game, you have to first go to Google and write Total
War: Warhammer III there and then go to the first website

After that you will be asked for your username, email id and password,
confirm password when you fill all these details then

You will be registered in it for free and you will be able to download this
game on your PC as soon as the game is launched on the 17th.

Horizon Forbidden West Game Information

Inside this game you have to fight and destroy big destructive machines in distant lands then after that you have to must return to his world that his tribes may face

Life on earth is also moving towards the goal, do not know what will happen to the tribe next, the land is dying, terrible storms and terrible machines will have to fight

To save your life, you have to maintain balance and order in the world, meet old friends along the way, forge alliances with war-fighting strategy and unravel the legacy and stop the enemies from moving forward.

You have to pay ₹ 5000 to purchase Horizon Forbidden West Game, but this game has been very tremendous, it gets high graphic view when you play this game.

So you will feel that you are in a film world, this game is completely based on the film world, this game will remind you of Avatar movie.

Upcoming Ps4 Games 2022